Ultimate Guide on Japanese Rice Seasoning : Furikake

Nori (seaweed), roasted black and white sesame seeds, salt, and sugar are the ingredients for this homemade version of the Japanese rice spice known as nori komi furikake. Sprinkle this on steamed rice, udon noodles, onigiri, ramen, popcorn, and other foods to add spiciness! It's fun to make your own furikake recipe and keep it inside an airtight container. Peruse the aisles of a Japanese grocery store for anything dry and flavorful that would go well with rice. Look for ideas in your cabinets as well; feel free to add crushed Corn Flakes or smoked salt if desired. If you have a freeze-dryer, go wild! If you don't mind a little MSG, seek the Ajinomoto brand in the Japanese market to get it in its purest form.

Using fresh, delicious ingredients is the key to making your own furikake. My basic recipe for homemade furikake is sesame seeds, katsuobushi (bonito flakes made from dried bonito fish broken into flakes), and toasted nori seaweed. Use flavored nori to add soy sauce or teriyaki flavors. Although whole sheets like those used for sushi are more appealing, you can use pre-flaked nori instead. In this article, you will know all about furikake seasoning.

What is Furikake?

Furikake is a well-known Japanese rice spice that is also often used as a dry condiment in cuisines other than rice. It is commonly made with sesame seeds, sugar, salt, nori (dried seaweed), and other components. Dried fish is frequently included, mostly bonito flakes, dried shrimp, or freeze-dried salmon.

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What is furikake made of?

Here are all the ingredients for the common recipe of furikake rice seasoning

  • Salt - The addition of salt enhances each flavor in this rice flavor. Make adjustments as desired.

  • White Sesame Seeds - Buy roasted white sesame seeds to achieve the full nutty scent and flavor.

  • Black Sesame Seeds - While maintaining the same flavor, black sesame seeds provide a beautiful color contrast to white sesame seeds.

  • Sugar - Sugar counteracts the salt and brings out more of the other flavors.

  • Nori Seaweed - This is made of dried seaweed that has been cut into thin strips. It has a great umami flavor that tastes like the ocean and should not be fishy flavor.

What does furikake seasoning taste like?

It has a flavor that blends sweetness and saltiness, as well as a lot of umami flavor from the nori and nuttiness from the sesame seeds. The texture is wonderfully crispy because of the crisp nori bits and toasted sesame seeds.

Furikake Rice Seasoning (full recipes) - Japanese Multi Purpose Seasoning (furikake japanese)

Is Furikake seasoning healthy?

Furikake's ingredients are not unhealthy. However, you must be careful not to abuse it. The soy sauce and seasoned seaweed add a large quantity of salt to the dish. People watching their cholesterol levels should be warned that this is a fairly salty seasoning.

Love Furikake - Seasonings Delicious Recipe

Popular Furikake Flavors

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Furikake made great advances in Japan during the 1960s. Since the invention of freeze-drying and other preservation processes, the furikake industry has exploded, making these on-the-spot flavor enhancers a regular convenience at any Japanese grocery store. Because modern furikake comes in various flavors, it is reasonable for Japanese cooks to refrain from bothering with mortar and pestle. A variety of tastes are widely available in Asian or Japanese supermarkets.

Here are a few varieties to get you started on your homemade version:

  • Shiso Flavor - Shiso furikake is a light, herbaceous furikake made with seasoned, dried red shiso (or perilla) leaves. It is commonly known by the brand name "Yukari," which was invented by Mishima Foods Co. Shiso, which is well-known for its flavor and unusual red/purple appearance. It is commonly used as the outer layer for onigiri rice balls and sushi rolls.

  • Wasabi Flavor - Wasabi furikake is usually made using dried wasabi and horseradish, seasoned nori seaweed pieces, whole sesame seeds, and other Japanese ingredients. It's perfect for individuals who like a little heat. Try it over rice, season fried fish with it, or combine it with rice and green tea to make a hot chazuke soup.

  • Nori Komi Furikake - Furikake's most well-known and basic flavor is Nori Komi Furikake and it is made from paper-thin nori bits, sesame seeds, salt, and sugar.

  • Katsuo Furikake - This popular flavor offers a lot of umami flavor because of the addition of bonito flakes, sugar, and soy sauce. It's unquestionably one of my favorites.

  • Ebi - Crushed dried shrimp provide a delectable, sweet, and salty seafood flavor.

  • Noritamago - Bonito flakes and dried egg yolks are used in this version.

Serving Suggestions:

  • Plain Rice - Mix furikake seasoning and white rice to make Furikake Rice.

  • Rice Balls - Make Korean rice balls with furikake rice and shape them into balls.

  • Sprinkles - Make your seasoning toppings, and sprinkle them on noodles like ramen.

  • Toppings - Add them to your meals to add some flavor.

  • French fries - Shake the fries with the seasoning after frying.

  • Snacks - Sprinkle the seasonings on top of ramen, eggs, snacks, and popcorn.

  • Grilled meats - You can also add seasonings to meats when grilling.

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