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The Revenge Bento Box : Shikaeshi Bento

It appears that Japanese women have mastered the art of passive-aggressive retaliation through the years, maybe partly because Japan is still a nation with significant gender bias and discrimination. If a guy's stomach is the fastest route to his heart, it stands to reason that the stomach is also the fastest method to metaphorically kick your man in the balls when he crosses the line. Many Japanese ladies have started making egregiously inappropriate and purposely unpleasant bento lunch boxes for their husbands and children who have disobeyed.

Wondering how a Japanese wife would rage while making her husband lunch? "Uncooked rice, a raw egg, a piece of nori with a broken heart on it, and one chopstick," ouch! Here's an article on how their beloved wife or Japanese women make revenge on their husbands.

What is bento box?

A traditional bento spread combines many flavors and textures while containing carbohydrates and a source of protein. It starts with rice or noodles and is then topped with meat, fish, eggs, and cooked or pickled veggies. A bento box's contents strike a balance between nutrition and convenience. Western culture has heavily influenced what is included in modern bento boxes. Though they can still vary, they typically contain a sandwich and salad, fried potatoes, and some dessert.

There are also different bento boxes, such as aisai bento, eki-ben bento, chara-ben bento, shikaeshi bento, and many more.

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What is traditionally in a bento?

While restaurants, bento businesses, and even individuals have evolved from the original design, the fundamental bento box stays virtually unchanged. Bento traditionally consisted of white rice or noodles as the main carbohydrate, with a protein or two like fish, eggs, or pork. These two primary focal points are complemented with a range of pickled and cooked veggies and a few bites of fruit to create an easily balanced meal for healthy dining on the go. Bento, or Japanese lunch boxes, are portable lunch boxes filled with various visually appealing meals. Bento is considered an art form in Japan, and many Japanese people strive to master it.

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What is Shikaeshi Bento (Revenge Bento)?

? Shikaeshi bento is a Japanese wives' vengeance bento prepared after an argument, and you want to try a different lunch dishes. Couples cannot always expect a carefully prepared lunch every day of the year. Shikaeshi Bento. Bento boxes have been used in Japan for generations. Some Japanese women who are angry with their husbands' or children's behavior call it a "bento of revenge," or shikars-bento. Uncooked rice, a curse inscribed with nori leaves, edible black hearts, sausage resembling a severed cut finger, or plain taste nasty.

Below are the ideas or examples of Shikaeshi bento:

  • Idiot bento - on a flat bed of rice, the word (idiot) is written with seaweed.

  • Cut finger - white rice with a sausage that is shaped like a sliced finger.

  • Full white - although it's gorgeously white, rice and marshmallow aren't the finest mix.

  • Raw egg - uncooked rice and an uncooked egg.

  • Rice - a plain white rice with an edible black broken heart on top.

  • Umeboshi bento - full of sour umeboshi pickled plums with a little amount of rice in the middle.

  • Yellow - a corn and corn bento box.

Angry mother and wives bento box lunches idea - Nori laced insults

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