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Who doesn't want that refreshing cold boba tea with flavorful, bursting tapioca pearls? Over the years, Boba Tea has become more popular due to its unique consumption experience that lets people have tasty edible pearls as they drink. Furthermore, no matter what season it is, Boba Tea is a perfect cooling drink for everyone! But you may wonder how to make one, especially the pearls. In this article, we'll tackle its origin and reveal how to make bubble tea in the comfort of your home.

What is Boba Milk Tea?

Boba Tea is known as a drink that includes either fruit-flavored or tapioca pearls. But then, that's just a piece of information about boba teas. In reality, Boba Tea is a traditionally cold-served beverage with a tea flavor base, milk, and boba pearls. Since it has a lot of names or aliases, people often need clarification about what to call it. You've probably heard phrases like bubble tea, pearl milk tea, pearl tea, bubble milk tea, boba, boba fruit tea, and tapioca tea. Meanwhile, worry not because they all have the same meaning.

Bubble Tea Kit

What's the Origin of Boba Tea?

If you're wondering about the origin of Boba Tea's existence, there are two main stories about how it became a reality today.

First Origin

The first narrative claimed to be the story of Ms. Lin Hsi Hui, who took some tapiocas from her Taiwanese dessert and added them to the iced tea she was having. To trace back it took place in the 1980s in Taichung, Taiwan. During that time, her boss and the tea-room owner, Mr. Liu Han-Chieh, happened to start serving iced tea after a visit to Japan. However, they needed to have plans on how to alter the traditional recipe and make it more interesting and unique.

Meanwhile, Lin Hsi Hui's discovery of adding tapioca balls to her iced tea instantly became a hit among other employees. With the popularity of newly discovered drink during that time, the owner Han-Chieh added it to the menu. Since then, it has become the tea room's most frequently ordered drink.

Second Origin

Another story of Boba Tea's origin was claimed to be about Tu Tsong-he, a teahouse owner in Tainan, Taiwan, after he added some tapioca balls to his tea when he saw them in the market. He then called it pearl tea as it looked like precious gems sitting in the black tea. Furthermore, he added some honey and brown sugar to make it sweeter.

This chewy bubble tea beverage made its way to Japan in the early 200os. Since then, it has been a staple drink in Harajuku's fashion streets and Akihabara's light district. Over the years, Japanese people also made some twists to their version of Boba Tea to have that authentic Japanese taste.

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Experiences by Japan Crate: Boba Tea Set

Today, we can't deny the fact that Boba milk tea is indeed popular across the world. From normal tea, there are now lots of tea flavors that people can choose from, such as thai tea, green tea, brown sugar milk tea, oolong tea, English or Chinese breakfast tea, and many more. While it looks complicated to make, it's easy if you have bubble tea kits at home! If you have yet to try doing it, like how every bubble tea shop creates boba milk tea, we have you covered!

Be an expert and go on a Tokyo tapioca trip. Take note: you don't need to go to Tokyo to try it because our Boba Tea Experience Set will give you the experience of making bubble tea at home. You only need a good quality tea or what's available, some chewy tapioca pearls, brown sugar or syrup, a few ice cubes, and that's it!

Fortunately, these DIY bubble tea kits are user-friendly and beginner-friendly, so you don't need to worry about making mistakes. So, enjoy making your own bubble tea recipe with popping boba and some ice cubes for instant refreshment. The Boba Tea kit includes tea bags, tapioca pearls, Japanese sugar syrup, condensed milk, reusable straw, and a reusable tumbler.

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Skip the hassle of making tapioca pearls on your own when you can instantly create one without spending too much time. That's the good thing about experience sets - they let you maximize your time, but not compromise the idea that you can do it yourself still. Whether you live in Japan or a thousand miles away from the beautiful country, having experience or DIY sets like the Boba Tea set is one great way to get to know more about Japanese culture.

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Boba Tea

Boba Tea