Uji matcha tea set

Enjoy Every Minute With Your Uji Matcha Tea Set

Take a moment to relax and unwind with the Japanese art of making green tea. In Japan, drinking green tea is known to have many good virtues. Green tea ‘matcha’ has significance in the Japanese traditional culture and modern lifestyle. Typically, matcha was believed to help lower cholesterol and improve brain function, so it was valued more for its health benefits than for the pleasure of drinking it. Drinking matcha leads to having a great bonding experience with family, friends, and loved ones to have a healthy body. This blog will give you a fun experience, excitement, and knowledge about the Uji matcha set and why people prefer to prepare these tea leaves.

What is Uji Matcha?

It's so named because it comes from the region of Uji, Japan, on the southeast border of Kyoto. High-quality ceremonial-grade matcha powder is suitable to drink on its own, while culinary-grade matcha can be added to lattes like iced matcha lattes, smoothies, and more. Matcha is full of concentrated amounts of green tea's many health benefits. It’s also high in caffeine, making it a healthier and more energizing tea with which to start a fresh day!

What are the Uji Matcha Tea Sets?

Matcha Experience Set Includes:

  • Whisk

  • Whisk Holder

  • Spoon

  • Hook 

  • Organic Uji Matcha 

  • Tea bowl

  • 3 pieces of Mochi 

You can have your home matcha kit that you can always use when you are making matcha green tea. The best quality with a delicious taste of matcha green tea depends on what you want. If you want to add milk, honey, maple syrup, oat milk, sweetener, or almond, you can add ice if you want it. Shake or mix it with a glass and spoon for the best drinks. You can make your recipes, which can be hot or cold. The flavor you wanted is not the sense of this because it is the tea set.

Preparing matcha tea sets in the traditional Japanese way

The materials needed for the preparation are the tea strainer, ceramic bowl, teaspoon, hot water, and bamboo whisk, holder. These are the traditional procedures for preparing matcha green tea using matcha sets. Each matcha set has important functions in preparing the recipe with such delicious tastes. Here are the steps to be followed:

Step 1: Sift ¼-½ teaspoon of Matcha powder through the tea strainer into the ceramic bowl. Use the teaspoon to press the Matcha completely through the strainer.

Step 2: Pour 2 oz. of steaming warm water into the bowl with the powder.

Step 3: Using the bamboo whisk, mix the Matcha powder and hot water until the mixture is clump-free. The liquid mixture should become frothy, and a green foam should appear at the top.

Step 4: Remove the whisk, drink out of the matcha bowl and enjoy!

Matcha Preparation

Matcha Tea Sets

Create a meditative and relaxing moment with our Matcha tea set at a discounted price. Matcha whisked properly with a bamboo whisk tastes more delicious and less bitter. The bamboo scoop is a great tool to measure the amount of powder you need (two scoops are recommended). The authentic Japanese Matcha bowl is a perfect size to whisk Matcha and pleasantly light to hold and drink from it. A matcha whisk stand helps keep the shape of the Matcha whisk.

These matcha sets will provide ease and give you a satisfying feeling to make your own tea, like matcha latte, iced matcha latte, and anything you love. You don't need others' recipes because you can make your recipe using this matcha tea set. This tea set makes it very easy to adopt matcha as a lifestyle. Our pronged whisk is handcrafted with about 76 fine tines, engineered to create optimal agitation, and it’s crafted in the perfect shape to whisk, blend effectively, and froth perfectly whisks up a frothy cup of tea. Impress your loved one by sharing this set that allows them to prepare the most naturally beneficial drink in the world! This matcha set was placed in a nice color box, containing all the necessary accessories for a nice Matcha tea ceremony, and it is a nice gift for a Matcha tea lover.

Matcha Experience Set
Final Thoughts!

Japanese Uji matcha tea set is a perfect blend for you if you are on a diet. It has a very good recipe that makes it a creamy taste at an affordable price that everyone can be found on any shopping list. It is a great gift to have Japan Crate; you can now experience having one with our Experience Sets. Experiences by Japan Crate offers FREE worldwide shipping; no subscription is needed when you order! If you still need to check the website, visit here and order yours today!



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